The Baker

Randi Still started baking as a child. She would 'help' her Momma by measuring the ingredients, serving as the official taste tester, and dishwasher for her. Her Momma made some of the greatest fudge and cookies (literally started family fights over the last bites) and taught her how to properly measure, that most things where all in the mixing, and to ball your dough then slightly press the cookies with your spatula when they came out of the oven for that slightly gooey texture every time. These lessons helped her make 'Cookie Monsters' of local kids at neighborhood events and loyal addicts all over the Phoenix area. 

The Name

So many people ask about the name Side Hustle Bakery. It is in fact a Side Hustle to Randi's day job of IT Product Ownership. Her days are spent herding cats; with so many things out of control. So baking on the weekends is a way to calm after a long week of work. Ingredients always do exactly what you tell them to and you only have yourself to blame if they don't. 


Besides, who doesn't love their IT with a side of bakin'? 


June 2019 

Side Hustle opens online shop after years of baking for friends, family and neighbors. There may be unconfirmed reports of happy dancing at receiving the first online order. 

October 2019 

Side Hustle participates in their first market. Joining Melrose Vintage Market vendors and customers for the first time. Loved the people and the experience so much went on to participate in 7 more markets that season. 

December 2019

Side Hustle participates in their first ever Tumbleweed Tree lighting. Getting to sell cookies and watch the light parade despite the rain. Then the very next weekend; despite making twice as much cookies and loaves of bread than a usual market demands; Side Hustle sells OUT entirely at Witchcrafted Market. 

January 2020

Side Hustle adds soft pretzels to the menu just in time for Super Bowl weekend. Sells out within an hour at Melrose Vintage Market. 

March 2020

Side Hustle participates in their first M7 Street Fair thanks to friends and family coming out to help keep up with the hungry folks making their way through the booth. Sadly, the corona virus pandemic hits the Phoenix Area immediately after and all markets are cancelled the rest of the season.